Southwest Grapplefest 2 Terms & Rules


Open weight and open (advanced or purple belt and up) CSC nogi champion.  8 man single elimination / 10 min. round. NO OVERTIME.  All subs legal.  No referee stoppage or interference.  Adult only.  $100 entry fee.  Winner - belt & $500 cash.

For all other entrees sub only match ups.  All levels welcomed.  Kids and teens will be 8 min matches.  Adults are 10 min matches.  $25.00 entry fighter fee and $20.00 per coach fee.  

Fees will be collected when you are matched up.  Not every fighter can be matched up.  When you are matched up you are responsible for registering all your coaches.  4 coaches max.  Same rules apply from Southwest Grapplefest 1.  Click rules to see them. 

When you submit your submission to enter Southwest Grapplefest 2 our matchmaker will contact you in 24 to 48 hrs to try to match you up.    

Southwest Grapplefest 2 Rules